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    Wild Flag - “Electric Band”

    Another fun, silly video from this rocking lady party. Wild Flag vs. The Bears, who will win?! Either way, the bears should’ve eaten everyone in the end!


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    Wild Flag - “Romance” music video

    With this music video comes the realization that rawkin out to em at Maxwell’s in October is going to be one of the best times of the fall! —Cheep

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    Wild Flag - "Future Crimes" (Live at IFC Crossroads House - SXSW)

    So I really like Wild Flag. I also like the way Carrie Brownstein plays guitar on this song live.

    Looks like I’m going to be searching for that Future Crimes/Glass Tamborine 7-inch that’s gonna be floating around on Record Store Day!—Cheep

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    Listen to 'Glass Tambourine' by Wild Flag - NPR →

    Have I just fallen for another lady band? If their upcoming full length makes my ears perk up as much as this song has then we’re in business!

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