Aug 30, 2014

Well, catching up with what’s been up with our boys from Rocketnumbernine and discovered this remix they just did for HK119… and of course it is the shit.

Download 'ere.

Aug 30, 2014
We’ve been jonesin’ to get Ms. Neneh Cherry and RocketNumberNine in NYC so we can see their dope work live.

Very jealous of the Chicago peeps who got to see them at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

We’ve been jonesin’ to get Ms. Neneh Cherry and RocketNumberNine in NYC so we can see their dope work live.

Very jealous of the Chicago peeps who got to see them at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Oct 3, 2013

Cheep & Snail’s BFF honeymoon weekend, Part I: Atoms for Peace/James Holden @ Barclays Center 09.27.13


Great weekends aren’t exactly few and far between in our friendship, but this last one, our first BFF honeymoon in a long while, will go down in C&S history as one of the best. For 48+ hours we soaked in some of our favorite things: great music, crazy dancing, lots of laughs, lots of naps and art that is beautiful, wild and true and it all began with our possession during Atoms for Peace live.

This concert served as our first jaunt into the alien space craft that is Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The arena was a bewildering choice of venue, we thought, after seeing the band debut at Roseland where they gave new life to Thom Yorke's solo album, The Eraser, and we fell in love with this genial pentagon formed by Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Flea, Mauro Refosco and Joey Waronker. In the end we just chalked it up availability and got on with it.

We were looking forward to seeing Mr. James Holden open with one of our favorite drummers, Tom Page of Rocketnumbernine but missed it! Didn’t even have time to lament the loss as the headliners emerged and we proceeded to lose our minds to “Before Your Very Eyes” and beyond. It was absolutely mental! AMOK had transformed into a whole new beast on stage, Don Refresco and Waronker combined to fill our souls with their percussion power. In combination with Flea’s resonating bass boom and Nigel’s bleeps et bloops, these rhythms made us want this pumped up version of their debut in our ears forever! Thom enchanted with that incomparable voice, penetrating as always, and dancing like he just don’t care. In his jovial state T-bot introduced himself as Justin Beebah, inspiring a chuckle out of himself, his buds and the audience.

Highlights of the night include sighing at the beauty of “Ingenue” on piano, our energies percolating at full steam during “Dropped” then again during a version of “Unless” that kicked the studio take in the shins… and again during “Amok,” the crowning jewel where we falsettoed like the worst of them and at the expense of everyone’s ears within our reach. Oldies from The Eraser like “Harrowdown Hill,”the birimbaolious “The Clock,” “Atoms for Peace” and “Skip Divided” also had us in the heavens.

We were non-stop and it didn’t go unnoticed. Some nice guys, complete newbs to the band, just came to the show on their knowledge of Thom and Flea and their Daily Show appearance and quizzed Snail on how we knew all the words, when the album came out, etc. She schooled them and it was just plain sweet to have people just come to see what the fuss is about and on top of that stand next to us all night and not try to escape, ha!

Eventually we zombie crawled our old lady knees back to mine for a late-night-Jimmys-on-YouTube viewing party before bed only to spend Saturday blissfully in the comfort of The Boat, leaving that comfort center for nothing but provisions, impromptu dancing to Franz Ferdinand and bathroom breaks. Sunday we would prep all day before setting out for Massive Attack v. Adam Curtis where we would be forever changed… —Cheep

Photo by Dana (distortion) Yavin for BrooklynVegan

Click the photo credit for more pics and the setlist at BV

May 10, 2013

Thank the King of All Cosmos this song is out and about the ‘net! Addictive!

Taken from the forthcoming album MeYouWeYou on Smalltown Supersound, coming in July…

May 11, 2012

Snail’s #MusicDiary2012 05.10

Wee hours whilst at the Waverly Diner with Cheep & Jon Jon we got blasted with things like this via speakers —most of the time we didn’t hear it, we were too busy laughing:

Aerosmith -“I Don’t Wanna Miss  a Thing” at the Waverly Diner
Maroon 5 - “This Love” at the Waverly Diner

In the morning blasting @ the Coffee shop & not helping my headache
Mariah Carey - “Something baby baby ahhhh eiihhhh”

The Very Best featuring M.I.A. - “Rain Dance”  via Fader > yeah man, M.I.A. gettin’ native again, no Madonna bullshit. 


Polica - Give You The Ghost via Soundcloud thanks to Monika. Going to see them with her on Sunday @ Maxwell’s. That’s how quickly we fall in love ‘round these parts. Plus it’s a perfect excuse to hang out, it’s been too long. Gracias, Moni!
Polica - “Violent Dreams” > love when this gets crazy around 1:46, drum dreams.
Polica - “Amongster”  <3!
Polica - ” I See My Mother”
Polica - “Violent Dreams”

Bonde do Rolê - Kilo on YouTube via Mad Decent tweet. So ridiculous. I have no patience for Portuguese anything right now. Sorry!!

See funny tweet about Rocketumbernine so…
Rocketnumbernine -  “Matthew & Toby” (Four Tet remix)
Rocketnumbernine -  “Lone Raver”
Rocketnumbernine -  “Steel Drumer” - so happy these British gents are recording a new album right now!!!!

Head couldn’t handle anything most of the day. Drown out neighbor noise at night with:
Jon Hopkins - “Autumn Hill” superb for sleepytime
Jon Hopkins - “Light Through the Veins” x2 this song is champion!!!

Dec 19, 2011

Just found this interview with the Page brothers rambling about music and nature at the Elevate Festival. Love it.

Oct 4, 2011

Radiohead / FourTet & Rocketnumbernine / Falty DL & Pearson Sound @ Roseland Ballroom 09.28.11

The sudden announcement of Radiohead's two-night stint at Roseland Ballroom made our hearts skip a beat. This near-coronary doubled in intensity when Mr. Kieran Hebden dropped the news about the complete first-class line up: Falty DL, Pearson Sound, Rocketnumbernine and himself were also on the way.

Just a year ago, we fell in love with Rocketnumbernine. Four Tet's remix of “Matthew & Toby" and their Gilles Peterson session on heavy rotation led to daydreams of seeing them live. A little show some place magical like Glasslands would do. Instead, these Londoners were set to make their big-city debut opening for Radiohead. This was not to be missed, even if fighting against overloaded servers and rabid fans for tickets was set to be a bloodbath. We lost the battle, leaving the W.A.S.T.E. presale and the Ticketmaster fiasco empty-handed. The war, however, was won. Thanks to an selfless act of kindness — one impossible to pay forward — the universe granted us a way in for the first night.

Typically, we arrived early to secure spots close to the stage. Around 7:30 p.m., Falty DL, the lone New Yorker in this band of Brits, made us proud sharing DJ duties (and blueberries) with Pearson Sound, the only man left for our ears to discover that night. The two played an array of danceable madness including favorites by Caribou, Daphni, and Hudson Mohawke. It was heavenly but the crowd seemed difficult to sway, some growing restless as the set drew near 9 p.m. Anxiety even prompted a tiny crew to boo, to which a Philip Seymour Hoffman look-alike in the surrounding RH army replied, “That’s not cool, man!” and cheered to make up for it. Respect! Here, anyone indulging the rude and impatient quickly got the axe.

When Four Tet and Rocketnumbernine came on stage our loud cheers for these relatively unknown guys sparked the curiosity of the people around us. They inquired about them and dutifully we said to expect sheer brilliance. “Matthew & Toby” filled the space — a dream manifesting before us — as the trio worked their instruments, exchanging glances and grins. “Steel Drummer" took a whole new pulse live, generating a roar of approval from the crowd. Our newfound buddy, Frank, squealed "This is the best opening act for Radiohead I’d ever seen!" (11 times garners the man indisputable cred, yes?) YES!.

Left in high spirits, everyone savored the anticipation for Radiohead, united in surrealism. The band came out to a scream-fest, opening with a beautifully-arranged “Bloom” from The King of Limbs, a layered record that becomes an engulfing beast live. Since hearing the tweaked tracks via Nigel Godrich’s “From the Basement,” “Saturday Night Live” and “The Colbert Report,” it was expected they’d mix TKOL up at Roseland with Mr. Clive Deamer. Of course, no HD video could compare to the energy of tracks like “Little By Little,”  “Feral” and “Lotus Flower” thrown in our faces live with a hyperactive light show.

As the set progressed, each song inspired gasps, mad sing-alongs, hand-holding and sighs. We were blessed with a breathless crowd during piano songs like “Codex" (!!!) — this silence broken only to collectively shush a single "woo!" after the song began — and "The Daily Mail." Ed’s whole ‘fuck yeah!’ demeanor as he rocked out to the erratic part was a huge highlight of the night. 

Same goes for one of our ultimate favorites, “Myxomatosis" because as Thom said "it is fucking cool," and added to the current sick-of-all-the-inhumanity vibe in New York City at the moment. We yelled the shit out of it, dancing without a care. The equally all-too-relevant “Bodysnatchers” was a thing of literal goosebump biz. Like back in the day at All Points West we went nuts almost losing our necks, hands holding tight while shaking our good frames and screaming the lyrics hardcore.

When “Subterranean Homesick Alien” kicked off, another roar crashed forward. Absent from their sets since 2003, many hoped to get this little gem from OK Computer. It ended up sounding like the best pop song ever… for a planet where good music rules the radio. “Everything In Its Right Place” felt cathartic, opening with an homage, a few lines of R.E.M.’s “The One I Love” before breaking into the tune we’ve come to adopt as a bit of a mantra. “Morning Mr. Magpie” was a surprisingly electric rager.

After an end-of-show fake out, the dudes changed into something a little more comfortable. Colin repped with a Caribou Tee whilst Ed settled for a jacket removal and a significant unbuttoning of his shirt. There’s no such thing as trying to be sexy with Ed O’Brien, the man is a natural. As Stephen Colbert would say: “Why British?” 

Cheep shed some tears while singing “immerse your soul in love” during “Street Spirit,” confirming that even Thom forgetting the lyrics because he’s “going senile,” took nothing from the power of this track.  Not ready to say goodbye, our time was forced to a close with “Nude,” its falsettos elevating us like a dandelion disintegrating out into space.

With exhaustion creeping in by the minute, we walked away in silence with full hearts on fire, depleting energy and disbelief robbing us of a proper way to vocally express the insurmountable gratitude we have for this night.

Dedicated to Tom & Ben Page, with Love & Respect— C&S

Photos by: Erez Avissar via, Dana Yavin via, and maryw.

Sep 29, 2011
Oh&#8230; so&#8230; close

Oh… so… close

Sep 19, 2011


We almost lost our lunch and our brains went numb upon today’s announcement of this show. It’s a wish upon a wish upon a wish come true. We’ve been waiting for Radiohead and RocketNumberNine to announce a New York date (or two) for ages, and now they’re playing together with Four Tet as well as Falty DL and Pearson Sound. This couldn’t come at a worse time. There’s a lot against us attending. As usual financials are shaky, Snail gave into getting Laura Marling tix and now is thinking of getting rid of them for this, (any takers?) I have jury duty one or both days so getting there early will be hard, and I might be the only one manning the ticket-buying ship!

Despite this all we can think is FUCK ALL, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Apr 15, 2011

It’s a good Friday morning when you get the Page Bros. doing their thing in HD! Now, let’s talk important matters Ben and Tom… Where is the full Rocketnumbernine album? and When are you coming to New York City? We can’t keep surviving on these little teases of your creative genius. Thank you :) —Snail


Mar 9, 2011

Listen to new RocketNumberNine "Black and Blue"

For a limited time, this duo has made this track public on their SoundCloud page for our listening pleasure. Get in on this while you can for it is dopeness. The Brothers Page know not how to make a suck track.

It is written: I am in love with Thomas Page….’s drumming, it brings me to the point of almost peeing my pants with excitement. Almost. — Cheep

Photo by Scott Derby Webb

Nov 1, 2010

Epic October, Part II: Four Tet/Jon Hopkins/Gold Panda @ Webster Hall 10.22.10

CMJ weekend opened with us high-fiving the Universe for dropping some of the UK’s premier electronic producers into one show for our enjoyment.

Read More

Sep 22, 2010

Rocketnumbernine @ Gilles Peterson

Love, love, love, Gilles Peterson and his show, in his latest, Rocketnumbernine makes an appearance. You can listen to the show here all this week, then it will be gone. The fangirling downward spiral has begun for these dudettes. Please come to NYC, but of course, Cheep has to dream about you boys first.


Sidenote: Snail is a sad Don Draper about the current headphone situation. Whatever you do, don’t buy these things on whim from an evil vending machine when your amazing PX100s break and you have to board a 5-hour flight O_o

photo via official myspace

UPDATE: The session is available for download here!

Aug 30, 2010

Rocketnumbernine - Matthew and Toby

Amazing shii by Rocketnumbernine produced by Kieran Hebden. Thanks for making such greatness for our ears, homeboys.

Rocketnumbernine - Matthew and Toby (TEXT008) by Four Tet

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